4 Advent Short Powerful Sermons

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4 Advent Short Powerful Sermons

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Celebrating over 180 Years of Christmas Eve Services, our Pastor clutched his chest and passed out on the Altar.

As the Ambulance carted him away the Church Board held an emergency meeting.

Since no Board Member, Deacon, Elder, Teacher, or Choir Master wanted to Preach, the Service was canceled.

Over 100 Families went home, and many never returned since the Board also canceled our Christmas Day Service.

At that point, I decided I would become a Lay Speaker so that would never happen again. Since then I have delivered sermons in United Methodist, Baptist, Brethren, and Independent Christian Churches.

Soon I was preaching all over town, and hardly ever attending my own church. It was important for me to tend to my family church, so I offered my sermons to anyone that wanted or needed them.

Since I retired I started updating my sermons for other Lay Speakers since most churches are having trouble finding preachers.

Here is my first offering... My 4 Week Advent Service Sermons.

Each Short Powerful Sermon is offered in easy to understand outline plus these features:

Table of Content
Opening Prayer
Suggested Old Testament Readings
Old Testament Prayer & Congregational Response
Sermon Scripture Location
Short Powerful Sermon Lesson ( About 20 Minutes)
Prayer of Thanksgiving
Altar Call

Try before you buy. Order the sermons and Pay Nothing.

If you find value in our Sermons reorder the product and pay whatever you want, including our asking Price of $8.

Portions of proceeds will be donated to a Scholarship Fund in my Late Mothers Name. She also had a company that offered Sermon Suggestions to Over 3000 Pastor and all Military Chaplin's.

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